Dayboro Cubs

Cubs are for children (both boys and girls) aged 8 to 10.

Dayboro’s Cub Pack meet on a Monday night 5pm – 6:30pm at our local Scout Den. Bilby, our trained Cub Scout Leader,and a new leader, Laura (who was a Venturer until early 2017 and currently under going Cub leader Training) are in charge of ensuring that our Cub Scouts work well together and challenge themselves to do their best, whilst also meeting the development program goals for the week. The Leaders encourages our Cubs to use their imaginations and foster their creative and mental abilities. Cub Scout meetings are full of energy and fun and our Cubs go home with the confidence and the abilities to face whatever challenges or goals they set for themselves.

Activities that Cubs attend are pack camps, district camps, Skillorama, Raft Races, and every 2 years, a contingent of Cubs attend Cuboree.  When attending camps whether they are pack, district camps or Cuboree, Cubs are responsible for packing their own bags, setting up their tent, making their beds, washing their dishes, and generally have a higher level of responsibility than that of Joeys.

Dayboro Cubs currently have 3 “Sixes”, Red, Grey and Black, which are groups of up to six cubs.  Each “Six” has a Sixer (Six leader) and a Seconder (assists the Sixer).  When a Cub turns 10 and a half, a process called “linking up” starts which helps Cubs prepare for Scouts. 

Cubs wear a uniform consisting of navy blue shorts and a shirt with yellow shoulder and sleeve stripe that can be obtained from The Scout Shop which is only available online.  Recent changes have meant that Scouts Queensland have closed their uniform shop at Auchenflower  Sometimes second hand uniforms may be available from previous Cubs so be sure to check out our classifieds.

Information on the correct placement of badges can be found in this document.



Cub shirt